"Employment for Massage Therapists is expected to increase faster than average over the period from 2004 to 2014 as more people learn about the benefits of Massage Therapy."
           -Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2007


"When I started school I thought that it was only about putting my hands on people, but I have learned that it is more than that.  We have been studying anatomy, physiology, and pathology so that we can recognize people's problems and needs and actually help them." 
                                           Fatima A. 

"I was expecting to get a good education, and I was pleased to find that my eduction was very indepth in the sciences and in business/professional development.  I feel confident that with what I've learned, I will be a well qualified Massage Therapist with the business skills necessary to build and operate a successful private business.  The instructor was terrific."
                                          Angela M.

"This school was challenging and interesting.  Not only am I now a Massage Therapist but an artist.  This experience gave me the confidence to take on the working world.  I can not thank my instructor and classmates enough."
                                         Richard "Bubba" C.

"Where Integrity and Skill work Hand in Hand."

Clinical Lab Patients

"Many thanks to CVMI!  You have helped me maintain my mobility.  Your students are well trained and very professional.  My massages have left me relaxed, refreshed and agile.  I feel "free" like I did when I was years younger and didn't have so many aches and pains...Thank you, CVMI."
                                           Diane, retired Finance and Banking

"When I had my first massage at CVMI it was unbelievable.  I didn't think that the subsequent massages could ever compare to the first.  I was wrong.  Every time I have a massage I leave feeling more relaxed than I ever thought I could.  I deal with vertigo "cause unknown" and when I get the symptoms of vertigo, I get tense "bound up" in the neck and shoulders which adds to the vertigo symptoms.  After I receive a massage from a student at CVMI it changes my physical and mental well being.  I think that a routine massage should be a part of everyone's health regime.  I can't thank the students and staff at Central Valley Massage Institute enough."
                                           Kevin, Engineer Tech-Project Manager

"I found CVMI students to be very well trained.  They know the body terminology and anatomy very well and have a real grasp of the mechanics and functions of the body.  I appreciated the growth and progress I would see each time I came for my massage in the clinic lab.  It was comforting to know that they actually understood what they were learning and not just going through the motions.  It is one thing to learn something academically, and quite another to be able to put it into practice.  Well done!"
                                          Terry, retired Massage Therapist

"For a minimum cost, I have received a variety of treatment techniques from caring students who work together with me as a team.  I have been impressed with the level of training and my body is in the healing process as a result of regular student massage."
                                         Deborah, semi-retired Health Care Field